Monday, November 19, 2007


Last night was our Celebration Banquet at church. It's become an annual event that everyone looks forward to. We weren't able to have an actual dinner banquet because of the space needed to seat 500+ people, but instead we had a fantastic "dessert buffet." People were able to filter in and out during the evening, have their dessert, and listen to a fabulous concert. The Lesters, from St. Louis, MO, presented the entertainment for the evening. It was an all-around incredible night.

The truly incredible part though, had nothing to do with the dessert or the music. Last night also wrapped up the Imagine campaign at Meadow Heights. The total commitments and total cash from the first fruits offering were announced. Our little church has committed to give over $455,000 in the next year to cover expenses in opening our new AV site. Not only that, but our congregation gave over $106,000 in cash this weekend as our first offering to the project. I'm tearing up even as I type this! How amazing! God can do anything you know--far more than we can ever dream!!! This is big! I can't wait to see who God brings into His family because His people listened to His voice and honored Him with their finances! YEA, GOD!!!

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